A new report that the forthcoming The Flash movie will bring back Michael Keaton‘s Batman as a means of replacing Ben Affleck’s version as “the” Batman of DC’s shared universe of movies has fans hoping that Keaton’s Dark Knight gets a chance to appear in a Batman Beyond movie. This is hardly the first time […]

‘May the force be with him, always’: British Darth Vader actor David Prowse who played Luke Skywalker’s father in original Star Wars trilogy dies aged 85 after a short illness Published: 06:20 GMT, 29 November 2020 | Updated: 07:20 GMT, 29 November 2020 The British actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars […]

Johnny Depp’s most loyal supporters have been doing everything they can to back the actor via various campaigns and petitions over the last few weeks. Not only have they called for folks to boycott both Fantastic Beasts 3 and Aquaman 2, but they’re also trying to have the actor reinstalled as Pirates of the Caribbean‘s Jack Sparrow while […]

Can you believe it has been 25 years since we were first introduced to Woody and Buzz Lightyear in the Pixar classic Toy Story? The comedic animated adventure that follows the lives of several toys behind closed doors, when the kids are away, first hit theaters in good old 1995. And it became an instant […]

Actor/director Mel Gibson confirmed that the next installment in the long-dormant Lethal Weapon movie franchise is still in the works from original director Richard Donner. Gibson appeared Friday on Good Morning America, promoting his new film Fatman with co-star Chance Hurstfield. “Yeah!” Gibson said, when GMA host Michael Strahan asked if Lethal Weapon 5 is still coming. “No, absolutely. […]

She got her start as Brenda Meeks in the successful Scary Movie franchise. And business is booming for actress and producer Regina Hall, who just signed a six-picture deal with ViacomCBS, according to Deadline. The Girls Trip star, who turns 50 next month, also recently secured a first-look deal with Showtime, another Viacom company.  The […]

Johnny Depp fans in their thousands have signed a petition demanding the actor be reinstated to the Fantastic Beasts franchise following his controversial sacking in November. The Hollywood star was asked to step down from his role as Gellart Grindewald in JK Rowling’s fantasy series of blockbuster films after a libel suit filed against The […]

Johnny Depp will take home at least $10 million for filming one scene on Fantastic Beasts 3, after Warner Bros. cut ties with the embattled actor after a libel suit he filed in the U.K. was dismissed. Warner Bros. must pay the 57-year-old after his full pay for the film, which he shot one scene […]

As Black Panther 2 still appears to be in Marvel’s plans, Marvel Studios and director Ryan Coogler face some significant issues in constructing both a script and executing a film as a result of the passing of Chadwick Boseman.  There is a difficult balance of moving the franchise forward but also paying their respects to […]

Fifteen years ago, the double disappointments of Catwoman and Elektra saw the major studios decide that female-driven superhero movies weren’t a worthwhile investment. The situation was so dire that Halle Berry’s awful star vehicle didn’t even come close to recouping the $100 million budget at the box office, but still reigned as the highest-grossing comic […]

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