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Would you like to be able to lock or unlock your front or back door from anywhere using your smartphone?

You can with this fantastic smart lock! The handy August Smart Lock Pro

It Works with Alexa for voice control. Wireless requirements-2.4GHertz Wi-Fi network. The Connect Wi-Fi Bridge included.

Now you can control and monitor your doors from anywhere. Lock and unlock your door, control, keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone. Alexa can also provide notifications when your battery is running low so you can proactively replace them. Set up smart reorders through dash replenishment to make sure you always have replacement batteries when you need them.

There is even a Biometric Verification Opt to use your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition as an added security verification before operating your lock remotely.

So bump up your security and peace of mind with the August Smart Lock Pro today, and take a bite out of crime…

Written by: Tony Williams

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