NAKED ATTRACTION: Full-Frontal Dating Show

todaySeptember 25, 2023 68

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HBO added to the Max streaming site a full-frontal nude dating show. The tagline is “Start where a good date often ends — naked.”

The NSFW show called Naked Attraction requires contestants to have thick skin. Six people stand completely naked in front of a clothed chooser, who is “scrutinizing and critiquing their nude bodies.” Parts are revealed one-by-one. Faces are shown very last.

The chooser strips naked once they’ve eliminated all but two contestants. They get to check out and analyze the chooser’s body parts. The show awards a date to the eventual couple — with their clothes on.

The British are infamous for their wild TV shows. Naked Attraction has been called the country’s most infamous dating show. MAX acquired six seasons of Naked Attraction. (The Hollywood Reporter)


Written by: Tony Williams

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