JUSTIN BIEBER: Returns to Wake and Bake

todayJuly 14, 2021 59

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Justin Bieber appears to be back on drugs.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez
Getty Images

Just like he sings in “Peaches,” (quote) “I get my weed from California.” Justin was photographed shopping at a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. Within 20 minutes, Bieber purchased “more than $1,000 worth of weed products.”

Witnesses say that Bieber went for gummy edibles laced with THC. He also bought several strains of bud, including OZ Kush, Orange Sunset and Pink Picasso. (Daily Mail)

During his late teens, Bieber abused drugs so much that after he passed out, and throughout the night, his security regularly checked him for a beating pulse. The weed was only an appetizer for harder drugs like magic mushrooms and ecstasy. He bragged (quote) “It was legit crazy. I was waking up and the first thing I was popping pills and smoking a blunt.”

In early 2014, federal authorities boarded Bieber’s private jet when it arrived in at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport for Super Bowl 48. The pilots radioed ahead complaining that Bieber “box-boxed” the Gulfstream IV plane. Marijuana smoke became so thick in the cabin that “pilots were force to wear oxygen masks” so not to get a contact high. (NBC News)

Written by: Tony Williams

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