CARDI B VEGAS IS HOT, POUR SOME WATER ON ME!!! Encouraged Crowd Before Drink Toss

todayAugust 1, 2023 4

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There’s evidence Cardi B should’ve anticipated a fan tossing liquid on her in Las Vegas … because she actually asked the crowd to douse her with water and cool her off!!!

Additional scenes from inside Cardi’s Drai’s Beachclub performance from her Saturday show demanding the crowd to throw water on her in between songs because she was “dying” from the triple-digit desert temps — it got up to 105° that day, so hydration was a must.

Cardi’s DJ also encouraged the crowd to hose her down and she didn’t care where they soaked her — she even bent over, and directed fans toward her, umm … WAP!!!

Now, Cardi was very clearly asking for H2O only to be thrown at her. It’s hard to tell what was in the cup that was thrown when she went completely ballistic, but the operating theory is it was booze, and not just water. BTW, the fan has been extremely apologetic since the whole thing went down.

That said, one fan is claiming Cardi clocked her with the mic, despite not being the one who threw the drink … which could prove to be a slippery situation down the line.

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