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Amber Heard

Silk Sonic releases their debut album in two weeks. The same time as Taylor Swift’s version of RED. Also of note, Ariana Grande is supposedly featured on one of the Silk Sonic album tracks.

For Halloween, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon dressed as Nicki Minaj‘s alleged cousin with the swollen scrotum due to getting vaccinated.

Mariah Carey sent the message that “it’s time” to listen to her holiday classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” In a video posted to Instagram, Mariah dressed in a festive, red-sequin dress to smash a carved pumpkin with a candy cane-striped baseball bat. Three pumpkins were carved to read “IT’S NOT TIME.” Mariah demolished the “NOT” jack-o-lantern.

A 50-year-old billionaire paid $177 million for one home. The Malibu mansion now belonging to Marc Andreessen sits on seven acres. The price tag is $12 million more than what Jeff Bezos paid for his Beverly Hills home, which had been the priciest real estate deal in California. (Los Angeles Times)

Australian officials are investigating Amber Heard. She may have lied about the 2015 incident with then husband Johnny DeppThey apologized for smuggling a pair of Yorkshire Terriers into the country. Depp’s former manager now claims that Amber Heard forced the actor to “lie under oath” to Australian’s Department of Agriculture. (Daily Mail)

Gigi Hadid was half a world away when Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid got into a disagreement. Gigi bolted from her Paris Fashion Week obligations and immediately jetted home. She was left with little choice once Zayn screamed at her over the phone (quote) “Strap on some freaking balls and defend your partner against your freaking mother in my house.” (New York Post)

Written by: Tony Williams

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