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So you bought a new graphics card and the sales-guy told you that you’d need to replace the power-supply in your computer before you install it. Everything seems to be powering up correctly but now you’re getting a “Disk Boot Failure” message.

Question is…, How can you fix this? Do I need to change a BIOS setting or maybe move a jumper somewhere to get the hard drive to work with the new power supply?

Answer: Well you shouldn’t have to change any settings or make any other changes to your system. If the machine was booting into Windows from the hard drive before you swapped out the power supplies, it should still boot up now without having to change any settings of any kind.

Chances are, that you either disconnected a cable to the hard drive and forgot to reconnect it or you accidentally tugged it loose while working around inside the computer. It’s also possible that you simply forgot to connect the hard drive to the new power supply after you finished installing it.

So, go ahead and double-check the connections at both ends of the two cables that plug in to the hard drive. You’ll probably find a loose (or possibly disconnected) connector somewhere.

Written by: Tony Williams

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