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Well, another very insidious phishing scam is making the rounds again.

This one won’t show up in your Facebook Newsfeed or in an email.

Instead, you’ll receive it in an SMS text message,  and if you fall for the bait it could end up costing you dearly.

The scam works like this…

You receive a text message explaining that your Apple ID is due to expire today. You are then told that you must visit the Apple website to “confirm” your Apple ID.

The problem is the website at the link supplied isn’t the real Apple website, but rather a very authentic-looking fake site.

If you tap the link and visit the fake website, you’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. If you comply by entering your Apple credentials, you’ll then receive an error message stating that your Apple account has been “locked” for security reasons.

That “your account has been locked” message is just a ruse. You’ll still be able to sign in to your Apple account with no problems whatsoever.

The problem is, the hacker can too because you just gave him your Apple ID and password!

Just so you’ll know what to look for, here’s a screenshot of the fake text message:


Written by: Tony Williams

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