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There comes a time when every computer owner realizes that their current computer just isn’t up to the task of working with the latest hardware and software.

When we reach that conclusion we must inevitably make a choice between upgrading and buying a new computer.

In my opinion there are only five possible upgrades that really make sense given the historically low prices of new computers these days:

1 – Adding more RAM

2 – Replacing the internal hard drive with an SSD

3 – Adding a new external USB hard drive

4 – Installing a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 expansion card

5 – For serious gaming, it might make sense to upgrade the graphics card

With the possible exception of of number 5, these upgrades are relatively inexpensive to make and fairly easy to install. But before you make a decision there are a few of things that are worth considering:

1 – Will the upgrade(s) really boost your productivity or enhance your computing experience enough to justify the expense?

While RAM and SSDs have really come down in price of late, adding a bit more to the cost of them would probably allow you to buy a brand new entry level computer that is faster and more capable than your current one would be even after making the upgrades.

2 – Will your upgraded computer be able to run the next generation of your favorite software? It seems that some programs and apps get larger and require more system resources with every upgrade.

3 – Will your upgraded computer be able to run the latest version of its operating system when it is released?

Both Windows and MacOS are updated almost constantly these days and some recent updates are incompatible with older hardware.

Do you feel confident that your current computer’s motherboard and its related components are modern enough to run any new OS updates that might be coming own the pike in the not-so-distant future?

In my opinion, if the answer to either of the above questions is no you would probably be happier in the end if you simply go ahead and buy a new computer right now instead of upgrading the one you have.

If you have any questions or need advice concerning the choice between upgrading your current computer or buying a new one, feel free to ASK THE GMDMG. We’ll be happy to get Shannon to help.

Written by: Tony Williams

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