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It seems like the scammers of the world never sleep, and unfortunately they’re increasing in number every day.

The latest scam that’s making the rounds is targeting unsuspecting iPhone users.

This “Call AppleCare for Support” scam typically works something like this…

You receive an email with this subject line:

“[Your Name] Critical alert for your account ID …”.

Of course your first instinct is likely to be to open the email to find out what the problem is. Don’t do it! Simply delete the email and forget about it.

If you open the email? You’ll be told that someone has tried logging into your Apple account and that you should click a “Check Activity” button for more information.

If you click that button you’ll be taken to a very realistic looking, but entirely fake “Apple” website. If you try to log in to your Apple account to “check activity” you’ll end up handing over your login info to a hacker.

What’s more, this fake website will also display a phone number for you to call to speak with someone from “Applecare”.

Well, that phone number is real but the person who answers the phone won’t be an AppleCare rep. It’ll be a scammer who’ll attempt to use social engineering techniques to scam you!

Bottom line: It’s wise to ALWAYS be suspicious of “warnings” that arrive in your email inbox because they are almost ALWAYS fraudulent.

Written by: Tony Williams

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