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If you’re like most Bahamians who love to travel to the great State of Florida, you’re always wondering where you can gas up for the lowest price per gallon.

Well now you can  just visit a fantastic website called GasBuddy, and you’ll find out in seconds where you can get the cheapest gas in town!

GasBuddy lists the current gas prices at thousands of gas stations, and chances are the ones nearest you are in their database. While there will always be a few stations that aren’t listed, you will most certainly find a station in the area where you are that is indeed on the list.

What’s more, GasBuddy’s mobile app makes it easy to quickly find the cheapest gas while you’re traveling. You’ll find links for downloading the app at the bottom of the GasBuddy home page.

To use the service, simply visit GasBuddy.com and enter the city or zip code. You’ll be presented with a list of the gas stations in that area along with their current prices for “regular” gasoline, with the lowest prices listed first.

So go ahead and save a buck or two on something you burn a lot of and go to GasBuddy.com the next time you travel.

Written by: Tony Williams

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