1- What should be done about the violence in schools? Should police officers be stationed at schools? Should metal detectors be implemented as a form of security ?

2-Should vendors be allowed to sell foreign products in the straw market ?

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  1. Sheldon Maycock Says:

    We need police in schools and metal detectors to take care of our imediate problems of violence. We also need mandatory involvement with all of the parents and guardians for the composition of long term policies to curb agresive behavior by kids. There must be a burden of responsiblity placed on parents/guardians from the onset to assist with the development of our students.
    Straw vendors should be given a time period of about three months to transition from the ‘flea market’ items they sell to authentic Bahamian craft. This will boost local production of OUR items and bring back the true meaning of the Straw Market and its iconic importance to tourism.

  2. joel turner Says:

    mr. lloyd ms. marsh is being very disengeniuos with her assertions, firstly most customs and immigration officers offer no objection to the elimination of overtime the problem exist with the union was perceived malfeasants on their part. they spent months in the press stating that deal to move to shift was not sign and they will inquiry into fair compensation by the government however they signed the agreemnet with the government months in advance while pretending they did not . this was one of the many untruth they told to their members. therefore switching unions is primarily about poor and misleading representation on the bpsu part. mr pinder aledgely was promise some political play for selling his members out. ms. marsh has aspirations to replace him as president however they are fearful to lose countless of members along with their dues. similar to btc it is best to cast despersions on the officers and make them look bad to make their selfish points and agenda.

  3. Jimmy Curry Says:

    School violence and crime is directly related to the lack of instruction in Bahamian History, Bahamian Culture, African Culture and History, Native Religion, etc. We, Bahamians, tend to have no value for our own history and African worth. A people with no knowledge of themselves, are a people whose kids will act the fool. Welcome to the Bahamas we’ve created.

  4. Sangena Rolle Says:

    It takes a village to raise a child. The violence in the schools should be attack from all sides. At home (better parrenting) at Church (better leaders) and in the school (better mentors). There will alway be that one percent that we will not be abe to reach. For this group we will need metal detectors as a form of security.

    (2) Yes vendors should be allow to sell foreign products in the Straw Market aslong as there is 80% Bahamain made products, The 20% foreign products should be a part of a variety for vistits and residence. I got a chance to travel the world and fine the variety is a good thing.

  5. Jimmy Curry Says:

    Research clearly indicates that most violence stems from socio-ecoomic and cultural issues. Whether we’re discussing war (used by larger nations to perpetuate the enslavement of other cultures and/or stealing of said oppressed nation’s resources) to violence in school (young people who need more educating/lesson plans that include positive role models, African/Bahamian History) to the relationship between poverty and crime, these issues must be addressed first.

    Additionally, the pseudo-religious indoctrination that many children in formerly colonized nations receive leaves little spirituality in them, as they are conditioned in religious notions created by the very slave masters/systems that oppressed their ancestors and that keep said children/students (and their teachers, and local elected officials) under perpetual enslavement.

    In closing, it’s not as simple as getting more police officer, building more jails, it’s more about a rational/logical approach to the issue and addressing the deeper issues. The gun/knife don’t hurt without a human behind it/them, who is usually culturally devoid of any sense of self-respect, and who (after observing the violence perpetuated by nations upon nations) comes to the erroneous conclusion that violence is the answer!

  6. Jimmy Curry Says:

    On related matter, I left the Bahamas over 10 years ago, due to the confluence of violence, lack of real vision by most of our elected officials, promotion of foreign artists and business ventures and the ignoring of Bahamians with the same (or better) skills and portfolios (unless said Bahamian was in one of the cliques, you all know what I’m talking about). Solution: Bahamian History, African History and Geography and read up on Dr. Ben, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Kemet, Nubian History, Cointel Pro, Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Sir Randol F. Fawkes, The Bilderberg Group, Willie Lynch Syndrome, Horus vs Jesus, Orisha, Yoruba, Haitian Revolution, Caribs, Taino, Arawaks, Nutrition and Organics, etc.

  7. Jimmy Curry Says:

    Agriculture: BAIC will not be funded properly because while it will help free us from IMPORTING, the government tends to support the Bay Street Boys. Real talk people, we need some deep minds willing to standup to the “status quo” and free us from enslavement. Congratulations to Mr. Keys on the “Buy Fresh Buy Bahamian” campaign.

    Solution: A group of Bahamians (farmers, investors, consumers, small business owners, school administrators, etc) come together and start a forum and then a non-profit corporation, and unite with some other regional farmers, stores, and save ourselves.

  8. Mrs. Fernander Says:

    1. Teachers should be allowed to discipline the students. We must put discipline back in the schools. Students today can disrupt a teacher’s class room with no penalty. The Dean of students or the Assistant Principal should have the authority to cane a student that is disruptive and disobedient. After three attempts to discipline any single child, expulsion should come into effect. If the teachers who are the educators cannot teach a class and have full control of the class, then those students who refuse to fall in line need to be in a special institution that teaches discipline; (Boot Camp) for a period, no less than three months and also be given all course work so that that child do not fall behind. If that fails, then the student should be sent to a vocational school.
    School hours should be changed to 8:30am – 4:30pm. Home assignments should be done during the hours of 3:00 – 4:30pm and home projects should be done on the weekends.
    Teachers should be given a pay increase if and only if all of his/her students has passed or made a 2.75 grade point average, and should not be given a pay increase if a single child in his/her class has failed.
    The violence in the schools and in our country today is the lack of discipline and the lack of upholding the law and the lack of enforcing the law respectively.

    Police officers should not be stationed at the schools. They should be on the streets and in neighbourhoods where crime is at an all time high, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security guards should be in all schools and have a direct line to the police in the event of extreme circumstances.

    Metal detectors should be implemented as a form of security. Any child found with a weapon should automatically be expelled and should not be allowed to return without counselling the parents/guardian and student.

    2. Vendors should be allowed to sell foreign products in the straw market. There are no stores in the Bahamas that do not sell foreign products. The vendor cannot compete with any merchant on Bay Street who have Bahamian made products and foreign made products at their disposal, not to mention the hundreds of vendors in the same location. Let’s keep it real, live and let live.

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