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  1. antoinette Says:

    i want to say hi to my moyher an stepfather an to my special husband berthram

  2. Chilé Says:

    Would love for you to play Fistful of Tears by Maxwell, You’re The One by Dondria and Closer by Corinne Bailey Rae..

  3. Chilé Says:

    Also, a happy birthday shout out to Shireen Hanna and Shonario Moxey!

  4. CCC Says:

    Please send a Happy Birthday to Delcita Austin from the staff of GAIL LOCkHART CHARLES & Co.

    ENJOY ya DAY!!

  5. Erica Says:

    i thoroughly enjoyed the recent “JEFFERY” Show where Dr. Strachan interviewed Mr. Mark Turnquest on Small Business Development. IT was very educational and informative. Thanks Dr. Strachan and Mr. Turnquest; will we hear from Mr. Turnquest again? A GREAT job Dr. Strachan!!!!

  6. Kimmie Says:

    anything new from a bahamain artist am here in Texas needing to hear something from home.

  7. DOLL Says:

    I brad, the station is down right now but can u play something by Teddy Pendergrass for me.

  8. anthony & zana Says:

    we’re tuned in all the way down in australia & we’d love to hear tada & stefan the scientist “rise up”… 2 thumbs up



  10. Colin Forbes Says:

    Do you nguys vahe the latest Jamaica Pot of Gold Artist; Richie Stepehns “Reggae Evolution” 16 Tracks A musicall Evolution of Reggae from Dance Hall Style, Siners Ballads, Lovers Rock to Culture on VP Records in Store NOW! For (954)306-6155 for your promotional copy Dj’s, Radio Personality etc…

    With Regards,
    Colin Forbes
    Class Act

  11. Mazzy Says:

    Good Morning! Is it possible to hear “Use Me” by Bill Withers…I love this song :). Thank you!

  12. Thelia Archer-Coakley Says:

    The music is wonderful, i am really enjoying it, what is sad is that we in Grand Bahama can only get it via email. Keep up the good work.

    While i am here can you say hello to my sister Theon “Glo” Archer at BTC Thompson Blvd for me.

  13. Theon Archer Says:

    Good afternoon your music is awsome to thank you very much, would you kindly send a Birthday request to my cousing Florence Brooks who is celebrating today. Please play something nice for her.

    Thanks a million.



  14. Dellarese Adderely Says:

    Good Morning, I would like for you to please play the song Just the way you are by Barry White and dedicat it to my husband Christopher Adderley. We just got married two weeks ago. i love listening to your station and I hope that you all continue to do a good job.

  15. smiley Says:

    Please replay THE SONG Inseperable

  16. Theon Archer Says:

    Please say hello to my sister Thelia in Freeport who is locked in to she just wanted Brad to know that if he is not careful the PoPo will soon be in to escort him to jail for playing such beautiful music.

    Enjoy your day.

  17. Theon Archer Says:

    Brad Theon is a woman I am not a boy. Thank you she said she got it loud and clear.

  18. Theresa Says:

    Good morning,

    Would you play We Both Deserve Each Others Love by Jeffrey Ocborne and LTD please for the Sunshine in my life Mr. Hunt.

  19. Brian P. Ferguson Says:

    There was guest on Jeffery talking about some remmodies used to cure some serious ailments and I need to know where or can you direct me to more info in this

  20. T.B Says:

    i would like to say hi to the cheesecake squad. and would love for you to play ridin solo by jason durello

  21. Garnell Says:

    Please play a song for me that I have not heard for a long time.
    The group is from Freeport and I believe they are called Force.
    The song is called “Oh they looking good lookin”


    You will make my day!

  22. Carla Dames Says:

    I would like to hear a song for mama from boys to men. i would like to dedicate that song to my mama karen sawyer & thats coming from her daughter carla dames in fort lauderdale florida i love u mom

  23. Abby Says:

    Good afternoon Brad, play yes am ready by kc and teri dasario for me please, i must say that you guys are the best on radio today, so keep up the good work and happy new year.

  24. Sheldon Maycock Says:

    To Roscoe
    Good instrumentl stuff this sunday brother. I wish you can feature the late great Grover Washington, Flora Purim, the other songs by Brenda Russell and more Tito Puente. Keep up the good sounds.

    Sheldon Maycock

  25. Jennifer Says:

    To Brad,

    The music is divine! I work in an private bank and my computer is always locked on Star from 9am until I knock off. I just have to send you a note because the songs you play always brings back memories and it is very pleasant and easy to listen to. Keep up the excellent work!

  26. Jennifer Says:

    To Brad,

    Can you please play the song, “Shine On” by Jeffrey Osborn and Ltd.


    Doing a wonderful job

  27. Leslieann Says:

    To Brad
    Please play ” Alicia Keys-love me like you’ll never see me again”
    Thank You

  28. DOLL Says:

    Hey Brad, just wanted to say hello to you. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Just want to know if you can play Tennessee Waltz by Otis Redding.

  29. Ruben Forbes Says:

    Hello from the States. I enjoy listening to my Cuz Bert Perry. It”s so great to hear my family and our roots on the air. I’m so proud of my family. Keep up the great job. I’m sure that we all make our forefather’s and mother’s so proud! Long Live the Gibson Clan!!!!

  30. JENNIFER Says:


  31. Kehla Taylor Says:

    we listen to your radio station on line, we depend on your news and your morning show to keep us connected here in long island, stella maris, thanks to your staff for keeping us connected to the rest of the Bahamas

  32. juanita rahming Says:

    felicity and brad! am gonna hold u 2 totally responsible if i lose my job, lol, bcuz am at work from 8am to 4pm, so am able to tune in to both THE RENDEZVOUS AND THE MIDDAY CAFE; which means that i dont get any work done; but it’s just fine, and am not complaining at all; i love u both and i love STAR; it’s soooooooooooo gooooooooood to finally have a radio station that caters to the mature audience. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU GUYS
    am getting ready for work and driving during greg’s and tony’s show, and am driving in horrible traffic during jeff’s show, and am getting ready for bed during roscoe’s show, lol lol; so the only time i can truly apply myself is from 9am to 4pm; but i love all of you and i thank you profusely; KEEP UP HTE GOOD WORK, AND THANKS FOR MAKING ME A STAR TOO!!!!

  33. DOLL Says:

    Hey Brad, Yesterday May 31, 2011 we reached 100 degrees. WOW.
    Keep on Jammin’

  34. Maya M Says:


    May you please play Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson.

  35. Omar richardson Says:

    hey TADA whats up like to say whats up to my and hi to my family in bahamas…

  36. Rashad Amahad Says:

    Nice music this morning can you play a change has to come by Seal or R kelly.Music is very nice.

  37. Rashad Amahad Says:

    what about alternative source ethnol etc should we not be advocating the legislation for a percentage of other sources?

  38. Luis Carmona Says:

    For the old times in the bahamas (freeport) something with Cay Gotlieb, anything

  39. dianne harvey Says:

    This message is for Greg Lampkin:

    Please wish my Mom, Teenie Jones, a very Happy 84th Birthday from her daughter Dianne and son in law Alan Harvey who are in Italy. Enjoy your dad Mom - we miss you!

  40. dianne harvey Says:

    please modify: Please wish my Mom,. Teenie Jones, a very Happy 84th Birthday ON THURSDAY, 29th SEPTEMBER, from her daughter Dianne and son-in-law Alan Harvey, who are in Italy. Enjoy your DAY Mom - we miss you!

  41. e n ananthanarayanan Says:

    Dear Sir / Madam


    I am from India. I would like to hear ANY GOOD SONG FROM ABBA

    With Regards
    e n ananthanarayanan

  42. Santosh Says:

    Hello Friends

    I am currently in SA. Please broadcast the famous Soccer world cup song waka waka


  43. Marilyn Simmons Says:

    smiley says that you are really getting off today and wants you to play her song

  44. Robert Says:

    Hey Bahamas

    Robert here in Manchester can you pls play Otis Rdding I have dreams to remember as I prep for an asignment for tommorow

    God Bless the BAHAMAS!!!!!!!

  45. Jimmy Curry Says:

    Request to all Bahamian and regional artists with dreams and visions that often go unappreciated, ignored and untapped. Requesting the song: Freedom (Jay Mitchel), or any Funky D song, Pat Mitchel, Dry Bread, T-Connection, Tony McKay (Obeah Man), Blind Blake.

  46. Marilyn Simmons Says:

    Who would imagine a king

    for me from my station the star radio dj’s

  47. Debra White Says:

    Happy New Year!

    I don’t know if the Bahamian Public is aware that Angelique Sabrina a 13-year-old Bahamian, Singer/songwriter came in #2 on Stars of Tomorrow Top 10 Countdown for the year 2011 on 2RDJ Radio and Triple H FM in Sydney, Australia for her song “13″ …. I’d appreciate if you would play it on your radio stations and congratulate her…. Thank you!


    Please wish Ivoine W. Ingraham a Happy and Blessed Birthday from family and Friends especially his wife Portia and son Ivoine Torres.

    Also please play Age Aint Nothin but a Number by Ronnie Butler
    Thank you.

  49. Vince Says:

    Good Day,

    I am a Bahamian living in Belgium and I want to request a song to be played for my wife Latoya who is at work at the GBPA. Always and Forever

  50. Wellisia Says:

    I would like to send a good morning and Happy Brthday shout out to my mother who turns 53 today. Her name is Barbara Jane Bullard. It’s coming from her five kids and one grandson Jonathan.

    Can you please play “here’s to a lady so worthy of praise”

    Thank you.

  51. Kaite Tolle Says:

    Could you please play Behind these Hazel Eyes

  52. Marilyn Simmons Says:

    felicity your’e the greatest

  53. Amie Says:

    Thank you for playing my requests I appreciate being heard :) your station really delivers, keeP up the good work and might I recommend the song Beautiful Girl by Sean Kingston? If I am correct. I am sorry for all this spammage

  54. Shervonne bain Says:

    Since your on the inspiration tip today, please play Natasha Bedingfield’s “Strip me”

  55. Craig Says:

    Hey can you guys play aint gonna bump no more by Joe Tex for the crew at island wines and spirits thanks

  56. Sandy Johnson Says:

    I’m an expat now living in South Florida and need to tell you that I think you’re station is fantastic. The great songs you play are non stop. I listen to you on my computer and I’m hooked. Great job!!!! So

  57. Rossaline Says:

    I would love it if you guys played a few songs from Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Westlife, and of course Spice Girls.
    BSB- As Long As You Love Me, Shape of My Heart, I Want it That Way, Don’t Want You Back.
    Nsync- Bye Bye Bye, It’s Gonna be Me, I Want You Back
    Westlife- Uptown Girl, I Lay My Love on You, My Love
    Spice Girls- Wannabe, Spice Up Your Life, Say You’ll be There
    I know it’s a lot and is very apologetic for it all, I ask for too much, but you guys must know that you don’t have to play all of these songs, just one or two is alright, I don’t want to ask for too much of you, you have a schedule to keep after all.

    Thanks for your Considerations.

    Yours truly,
    an appreciative fan

  58. Marilyn Simmons Says:

    please play that gal look good

  59. Robert Says:

    Ive got Dreams to remember Otis Redding & A change is gonna come by Aretha Franklin


  60. Marilyn Simmons Says:

    please play a special lady and a very exciting girl

  61. Marilyn Simmons Says:

    Hi Brad Please play the Cd that I sent with Richard for Baldy and Dianne for the 20thWedding Anniversary Today . The song What a wonderful World sung by Kevin Davis with his nephew Lynden Sands on the Saxaphone.

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