Thanks for being a “Star Listener!” We appreciate you tuning in and invite you to contribute your comments and/or suggestions by answering any one (or more) of the following questions.

All Star Team

  1. Did someone tell you about us or did you “stumble” across us on your radio dial?
  2. What time of day is your best opportunity to tune in to Star 106.5FM?
  3. Do you tune in on weekends?
  4. What do you listen for when you tune in to Star 106.5FM?
  5. Which genre of music do you prefer to listen to?
  6. What is your age range?
  7. Is there anything that you would like to have us add to our programming so that we can make your listening experience more enjoyable? If so, please share with us what that is.
  8. Do you listen to any other local FM radio stations? If so, please share with us why.
  9. In your view, which of the FM radio stations based in New Providence do you think is the most popular?
  10. Have you had an opportunity to tune into our newscast? Please share with us your opinion of it?

4 Responses to “TELL US WHAT YOU THINK”

  1. Tony Says:

    Tony listening from Indianapolis, I just love this station. The best in the Bahamas..

  2. delilah Says:

    U guys are the beast radio staion ever u guys play the best musice

  3. Amie Says:

    I feel like you guys are reading mind! I was thinking of a son and ‘Poof’ you’ve got it! Well, played it, but I enjoy tuning into your station, it’s a great experience everytime :D. Oh and I listen to it All day, any day

  4. Robert Says:


    I just got through listening to the incredible story of the unfortunate gas explosion. And Boy I thought it was so tragic at first listen. THEN….yes then the story is then given a spin. A spin than no body could tell like GREG HIM SELF.

    I mean I was preparing for a series of really serious exams in the UK . BUT BOY when the story took the turn about the owner that lit the lighter…I break out into a laugh …I mean fall down laugh ….in fact still laughin….WELL MUDDO…..I MEAN ….. HOW fool could ya be……. BOY GREG could tell a story….LOL…LOL!!!!

    Thanks Greg….You made my day….keep up the great work


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