BRITNEY SPEARS: Daddy Strikes Back

todayAugust 9, 2021 35

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Jamie Spears won’t go down without a fight.

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AFP via Getty Images

He’s battling back against his daughter Britney‘s attempts to have him removed from the conservatorship that handles her money and life. Britney’s daddy says there are (quote) “no grounds whatsoever” to remove him and he describes his daughter as (quote) “mentally sick.”

In a court filing, Jamie Spears claims that Britney is having serious mental health issues, so much so that the court-appointed professional Jodi Montgomery said she should be hospitalized on with an emergency psychiatric hold.

The only problem is that Montgomery disputes that claim, saying that Jamie Spears (quote) “misrepresented and manipulated the call to use it to his own advantage.”

This latest drama comes as Britney’s ex-bodyguard said she’s living (quote) “like an inmate in a gold prison,” adding that she had her phone calls monitored and she’s not allowed out of the house without supervision. (Daily Mail)


Written by: Tony Williams

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