Blindfold Challenge

Malcolm Park

Event info
Date: October 19, 2019
Time: 12:00 am
Location: Malcolm Park
EVENT’S NAME: The Blindfold Challenge 2019
DATE: October 19 & 20, 2019  
VENUE: Montague Park
CHALLENGE ROUTE: Malcolm Park to Montague Beach 
SPONSORS: Star 106.5 FM, Hot 91.7 FM, Ministry of Social Services 
TARGET AUDIENCE: Enthusiast ages 13 years and older

Day 1;
12 noon – Steak/Cook Out; Bahamas Alliance for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
6 PM – Raffle drawing; grand prize – New car
8 PM – Mini concert featuring Soulful Groovers/ Motion Band/Sound Traxx Band
Day 2:
7 AM – Blindfold Challenge Fun Run, Walk, Obstacle Course
12 noon – Family Fun Day
4 PM – Blindfold Domino Tournament and games
6 PM – Blindfold Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts Exhibition
The Blindfold Challenge will incorporate a fun run walk obstacle course and family fun day highlighted with blindfold boxing, blindfold mixed martial arts exhibition matches and other blindfold games. Our intent is to integrate persons with disabilities with the general public while    raising funds for the various  organizations for Persons with Disabilities )and their initiatives.

The mission for hosting The Blindfold Challenge is to provide all participants, especially abled bodied persons with the experience of navigating through a challenging exercise without sight. Additionally, the exercise will teach each team member the importance of working together to accomplish one goal despite your circumstances or position in life. The combination of either a blind/deaf team, wheelchair user/blind individual team etc. will be most powerful in this exercise, as it will also bring to the forefront the unity amongst persons living with disabilities.

The Blindfold Challenge will begin the day with a unique Fun, Run, Walk with an inclusive obstacle course along the way, to be completed by teams of two (2) persons. The objective of this challenge is for each team to move as quickly as possible from the starting point to the finish line, safely completing each obstacle in a timed fashion. First Second and Third placed winning team finishers in each category will receive prizes and trophies. Registrants will navigate in teams of two inclusive members; (One blindfolded or Non-sighted & the other sighted) Sighted registrants includes persons living with a disability: wheelchair users, hearing impaired or deaf, intellectually challenged or use of adaptive equipment ie. Prosthetic legs or walking devices.
Please Note:

Teams with full mobility / abled bodied will be banded together either by the wrists or ankles for the duration of the Fun, Run, Walk, Obstacle Course. Removal of bands or blind folds will result in immediate disqualification.

Teams with wheelchair users must have their non-sighted or blind folded member push the wheelchair user during the Fun Run Walk Obstacle Course.
There will be four (4) age categories  and one (1)specialty category in the Course;
13 – 21 years
22 – 35 years
36 – 50 years
Over 50 years
Special team Category:
Full Inclusive Teams (teams with two persons living with a disability)
Cash and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each age category;
  • 1st place: $500 and trophies
  • 2nd place: $300 and medals
  • 3rd place: $200 and medals

All entries will receive a special complimentary gold medal for their participation.

Registration fee.

$10 (ten dollars) for thirteen to nineteen years old (13-19 years old)

$20 (twenty dollars) for adults.


Single registration is available to those who do not have a team member. Your name will be entered into a Team Pool  and they will be paired up with someone in their category.

Deadline for registration for the obstacle course is Monday 30th September, 2019.

Teams will provide their own challenge attire wear or their sponsor’s t-shirt, caps or other paraphernalia etc.

Blind Fold Challenge team will provide assigned race bibs that will be worn during the Challenge

Part proceeds from this project will go towards defraying the event’s overhead expenses and donations to the Bahamas Alliance for the Blind and Visually Impaired and other

organizations for persons with disabilities.


On the 12th August 2014,  the Persons With Disabilities (Equal Opportunities) Act 2014 was inacted in the Parliament of the Bahamas. The bill was designed to achieve equal

opportunities for persons with disabilities; eliminate discrimination on the basis of disabilities; to provides rights, rehabilitation and habilitation for persons with disabilities.

The bill also sort for the establishment of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) and for connected purposes.

The KRM Group and their sponsor/partners are committed to supporting the initiatives outlined in the statement above. We are actively pursuing the support and partnerships of

the government, corporate entities, local businesses, civic organizations and individual volunteers in an effort to raise capital to assist organizations for persons with disabilities.


The KRM Group will donate to charity and assist with fundraising initiatives for various non profit organizations. Our aim is to empower the lives of persons with disabilities living in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas by providing funding assistance for education, sports and personal development, training in special needs and inclusive education for interested current or aspiring teachers, housing assistance for family island students living with disabilities seeking special needs or inclusive education, affordable transportation and greater public awareness, visibility and policy matters  for persons living with disabilities. The organization intends to achieve these goals through financial partnerships, local and international grants, donations and fundraising initiatives.

i. To support scholarship funds designed to assist students living with disabilities to further their education providing program and policy awareness in order to follow their career choices.
ii. To assist in launching a Housing Assistance Programme for students living with disabilities from the family islands to relocate to New Providence and attend the various special needs schools.
iii. Partner with  event promoters to raise funds to assist members of the various Non-Governmental Organizations for Persons with Disabilities to acquire personal development skills, inclusive career  opportunities and independent living training, locally and internationally.
iv. To sponsor interested students living with disabilities to attend inclusive camps throughout the year, locally and internationally.
Example: The Blind Space Camp held in the state of Alabama each October. To help defray some of the overhead expenses of National Disability Awareness Activities held by the various NGOs annually in New Providence.
Example: World Down Syndrome Day; March, Deaf Awareness Week;November,
Autism Month; April.

To host an annual Disability Outlook Convention for persons living with disabilities, providing  Businesses and Entrepreneurs alike the opportunities to Inclusive Innovations along with interested support systems in The Bahamas. At the convention, attendees will be updated on the progress from The KRM Group, each NGO for persons with disabilities, Ministry of Social Services & Urban Development specifically  Disability Affairs Division and International Partners to receive moral support, access technology, policy and training opportunities.

To assist teachers who are furthering their education/training in inclusive studies to educate students living with a disabilities in the various public and private school systems.
To develop an affordable public transportation program that will assist persons living with disabilities for medical, education , career and social needs.
To assist with providing more public platforms for the public to be educated on the various disabilities, how to identify them and etiquette in dealing  as well as the rights of persons living with disabilities.

To provide more public awareness and Public Service Announcements on disabilities and the rights of persons with disabilities.


    Through a partnership with your ministry/company/organization, we would have the opportunity to empower Persons living with Disabilities economically for education, career, sports, personal development training and access to technical devices and programs in order to thrive. We would also be able to educate the general public on disability etiquette through awareness activities and interaction.  Most of all, individuals living with disabilities will gain increased visibility ; providing access opportunities proving “ Inclusion drives innovation for persons living with disabilities to thrive”.



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