https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M#action=share ENTERTAINMENTWE REMEMBER: Ronald Bell (a/k/a Khalis Bayyan) Co-founder of Kool and the Gang Dies At 68Published 20 hours ago  September 9, 2020By Fisher JackRonald Bell – GettyEditor’s Note: When we initially published this story, we unfortunately posted the wrong photo (of Robert Bell). The photo above is correct.*The R&B world has lost another soulful soul. We’ve just [...]

Classic Play of the Day!! 2:30 pm

Phillies vs Marlins tonight: 6:40 pm

“Jazz” Chisolm & the Miami Marlins wrap up their series in Atlanta tonight – 7:10 pm

The BROTHERS JOHNSON Brothers of pure funk & R&B !! CLASSIC PLAY of the DAY @ 2:30 PM

Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks 6:30 – TNT

Marlins baseball tonight 7:10 Marlins vs. Braves

EARTH WIND & FIRE The elements explode with R&B, soul, funk, jazz, pop, rock, dance, latin and Afro-pop !!!

AL GREEN Pure sultry soul of the 70″s & 80’s Still in love with SOUL !!!

Jasrado Chisolm with 2 defensive gems on Sunday for the Miami, Marlins !!

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